I thought about deleting the blog but then had second thoughts about it again already. I haven’t even posted once yet!

The idea is that since I have a vision of what my family and I should and should not be eating and where it comes from and the steps toward that, I should chronicle that.

I ate a little meat until I was 12 years old. Then my parents went on a diet or something and only ate fish or chicken as meats. I got so sick of chicken that by the time I was 16 I decided to be vegetarian. I did that until I was about 25 or so I believe. The moment happened when I grabbed a piece of turkey out of my then boyfriend’s bagel sandwich and liked it. I then went vegetarian off an on for a couple years and then transitioned into someone who eats some chicken and always fish throughout the year.

Eating has been an off and on again interest or conscious observance in my life. There were times I didn’t care what I was eating and often stopped for last minute dinner items after work. I did that because I could and we could afford to so it worked out.

After covering a lot of agricultural subjects at my job as a reporter I then specialized in writing about farming and crops including vineyards/wineries and extended my own garden at home in our small yard in Portland.

I thought I would get another degree in horticulture so I quit my job and went to school but then realized that the classes weren’t that necessary for me to be able to write about horticulture or agriculture. I continued to do agricultural writing for several years and talked to farmer after farmer on large and small scales about all kinds of subjects from business to bugs. When I was at a farmer’s market back in 2002 I had this turning moment I guess you would call it. There was a man who unloaded a large crate of beautiful peaches that came from his farm or orchard. There were people excited to buy them. I looked at that and had this moment of total excitement feeling as if that was the most wonderful thing in the world to be able to do. Give other people excellent local food that you grew.

After having two children I didn’t spend too much time on meals because I couldn’t or didn’t prioritize trying anything new. My interests have ebbed and flowed between winemaking, her growing, soapmaking, sewing, painting, writing, researching, cooking, baking bread, and all of those and more.


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