Our garden and local eating

This year started out ok with the garden but then most of the summer was spent outside watching the girls play in the limited sunshine and the weeds took over. We got a half share from a CSA and use that and what did grow this summer to make yummy meals lately.

I have been thinking about what we eat the most of and how to make that ourselves. Looking into that is problematic because certain items are cheaper purchased like pasta because I would have to buy a pasta machine to make it myself. I would like to only eat fish and any meat would be something that I raised myself. I can’t buy chicken too much because it doesn’t seem necessary and also seems to detached from the animal itself after it is in the package at the store.

We have layer hens and when they are done laying eggs they retire and hang out pretty much. I couldn’t eat them because they have names and personalities and they are pets not meat birds.

Thinking in terms of cheeses which we enjoy I can make mozzarella and other cheese with a local dairy milk. It’s one of the only ones that isn’t ultra-pasteurized so the cheese making will actually work with it. I am so sad because I found out the dairy goat farm is gone in our area. Or the one that I was attached to. I was told they sold the goats and farm and are not in the business anymore. I of course would love to have taken over the whole thing but it wouldn’t have been in our price range at all so it’s ok. I will let it go. Ommm.



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