When pears are ready

These pears are not ready so don’t get excited. I looked up how to tell when pears are ready and found out a little info. When you go to pull on the pear gently horizontally, if it comes off easily and without any pulling or twisting of the stem it is ready. This Bartlett pear is doing the best it’s ever done this year. My husband thinks that it is due to pruning which we really didn’t do tons of but I think it is the year. We have had a wet late Spring into a cool Summer and just now the fruit is ripening up still a few weeks behind schedule like everything else. I had looked up a place to pick pears but now I realize we won’t need to pick any this year afterall. There are so many on this tree it’s amazing. There are also several fruit trees in our area that are not tended and so we go pick those as well usually on a “fruit theft” trip.  Pears canned this year will mean no buying those little diced pears in cups for the girls to eat. They love canned pears as do I. Peaches not so much canned so I am trying to do other things with the peaches this year we have purchased or picked from a local orchard.


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