Little update

Although I didn’t grow that much myself this year I am preserving a lot including our free fruit around town. I am starting to run out of space in the freezer because I have to many berries and veggies in there already. If my preserving for Winter is any indication of the weather being bad we are in trouble! They say to watch the squirrels in the fall to tell how they are acting and watch how busy they are with collecting nuts to tell if it’s going to be a bad Winter or not. In the Pacific Northwest we don’t have bad Winters compared to most people and get little snowfall most years.

The last things to can are salsa, tomato sauce and then pears from our trees hopefully.

Another thing that I have been doing during the past year is making tinctures. I use 100 proof vodka and crush the fresh herbs with a mortar and pestle before putting them in a canning jar for two weeks. I will post more about that later.

Two of my favorite canning sites are …

Food in Jars

Preserving Beauty


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