Wine oops

Oops on the blackberry wine. This is supposed to be an easy recipe but in fact I messed up because I didn’t print the recipe out and I didn’t have the laptop in the kitchen while measuring. I got too hung up on the pints of water instead. So instead of adding 2 1/2 pounds of sugar I added 6. I should have added 7 if I was really doing it the complete wrong way. So I have to go out and pick 3 more pounds of blackberries and then added some others from the freezer and some raspberries to double the recipe. I also added another yeast pack. The only kind I had left was the dry wine yeast which I use for mead. In the past I have had the meads not be sweet enough but I actually don’t know if it’s from lack of honey or my taste or the yeast used. So we shall see how this disaster of an experiment goes shall we?

This is the recipe to make the blackberry wine that you are supposed to follow to make about a gallon of wine.

4 1/2 pounds of blackberries

2 1/2 lbs. of regular old sugar

7 pints of water

a red wine yeast

optional is a campden tablet to kill wild yeast

Rinse the berries and heat them with 2 pounds of the sugar and let it cool.  Add 7 pints of water to the mixture and then let it sit till it’s cool enough not to kill your yeast. Disolve your yeast in a cup of warm water and mix. Then add the yeast to your bucket of the wine mixture and cover it with a lid and airlock or a bucket lid. Let it sit for 7 days and then strain the berries out. I mashed them through a sieve and then discarded the seedy part. A note about this part: I would suggest not composting this pulp because your chickens or other animals can get drunk and also the seeds could germinate themselves in your garden somewhere. I don’t trust blackberries at all. Add the rest of the sugar and then transfer the mixture to a secondary fermenting vessel. Leave it for 10 more days and then check to make sure it is finished fermenting. If it’s not bubbling you can rack it/transfer it to your bottles and then drink after 3 months.


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