Herbal healing salve

This is the family heal-all salve that I use on most everything especially scratches and scrapes but also dry skin.

The beeswax was local as was my lavender and comfrey that come from my garden. I didn’t have enough calendula to use but saved some petals from a previous year.

You can use baby food jars or an empty, but durable container that won’t melt when you pour hot liquid in it.

Herbal Healing Balm/ Salve Recipe

For rashes, scrapes, small cuts, bruises, and very dry skin.

*1 1/2 c. olive oil
*1/4 c. dried comfrey leaves
*1/4 c. dried calendula petals
*1/4 c. dried lavender buds
*2 oz. beeswax
*15 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
*15 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Place dried herbs into a crock pot. Pour olive oil over them. Turn crock pot on low and let set for four to six hours. Strain infused oil. Discard herbs. Place infused oil into a 1 qt. saucepan and turn on low. Add the beeswax; stir until beeswax melts. Remove from heat and add essential oils. Pour into 1 oz. jars. Let cool and then seal.

*Makes approximately 14, 1 oz. jars. *Recipe may be halved, doubled, etc.


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