I have several things I can do to make me happy and earn a little extra money. These are related to growing consumables. Since I have a 3-year-old at home I can’t send her to daycare for the week so it leaves odd part-time writing things and babysitting the neighbor for a few hours a week. I also applied for a part-time job that I am overqualified for but it is good hours so we shall see. I would prefer something two days a week for about 5 hours a day.

We went to look at 2.5 acres or maybe it was 2 acres that is slightly out of our price range. The price range = how much money can I make to pay the mortgage each month from odd jobs and the land. We wouldn’t live on it for quite awhile but I could plant crops and a few trees and see. I could do a CSA or sell from our house legally as well. Farmer’s markets are an idea but they are not that appealing because you have to spend all day there and then pay for the booth which is sometimes $20 -$25.

There is another piece of land that is affordable but I couldn’t find it to look at it. I e-mailed the real estate agent and now have the address or a plat map. I can’t tell if it’s on the road or behind another piece of land. Most property is sold in 5 acre segments or more with a house on it or 22 acres without a house or even 2-5 acres with mostly trees that would have to be logged and even then it’s not a definite as to the elevation or soil.

This photo is the piece that is nice but it’s out of the price range and I think that drainage is a problem because there is a slope to the land on the left. The other idea which I don’t favor is to rent land for a season but I don’t like the idea in some ways because I can’t improve it or build a shelter for animals, etc. I can also just grow the hell out of the back (seen here) and front yard but I don’t want to take the patio and the rest of the lawn out all the way. This is plan B I guess and I could see how much we could do and then the following year realize that we could afford land.



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