More free apples and a gadget

I don’t like spending money on things and so I visited the neighbor’s apple tree again to shake it! Apples are not expensive but if I can walk down the street to get them for free then that is better than buying local ones at the store for now. The eating apples that we have been getting I think are from Ridgefield or at the least within a 3 hour drive.

My parents grew up in Selah, home to Tree Top and all things fruit. My mom sorted fruit at a packer in high school and other kids picked apples from orchards I guess. There are family history pieces that contain relatives’ diary entries stating “helped the neighbor pick 100 pounds of apples today and then went over to John’s for a birthday party.”

My Mom likes to make apple pie so I got her an apple peeler-corer for Christmas last year. This also does potatoes and will peel or core or just slice and core, or a variation. She finally got around to setting the thing up this summer and once I saw it and tried it I had to have one. I think this is a must-have gadget for anyone in a prolific apple growing area! We shouldn’t have George Washington on our flag we should have an apple. 🙂  The girls take turns using this thing after I stick the apple on the end prongs. I made apple struesel pie and apple carmel upside down cake.

I then tried to make apple cider but the problem was that I don’t have a juicer and I was in a hurry and I made apple sauce and then simmered it with water and spices on the stove. I killed what natural yeast was in there so then I had to add some sliced apples and yeast to the gallon bottle and we shall see what happens.


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