Poultry show

When I first said we were going to a chicken show I had questions about whether the chickens were going to be strutting down a runway. I think it’s hilarious to think of that and likely some of them would have been willing to waddle down a runway if there was a treat at the end of it. 🙂

The Pacific Northwest Poultry Association Show was about 40 minutes away so I took my family with me to peep at the Toms this weekend! Ha Ha! Actually there weren’t that many turkeys but a lot more chickens and ducks. We have not ventured outside of the regular chicken breeds we get at the farm store so this was really cool to see the different breeds. I also didn’t realize some of the roosters were that big. There were some that were a lot bigger than our dog. Of course he’s a miniature schnauzer but still. The speckled Sussex were really cool and the Welsh harlequin ducks were so pretty looking too. There is a local person who breeds the Welsh harlequins too so I was interested to get a close-up look for future ideas down the road. 🙂  Some of the little bantams were quite fiesty including a rooster that I thought was adorable until he crowed in my ear. They are cute and tiny yes but their crow is actually more annoying than the standard rooster’s crow for sure as it’s really high pitched.

There was a judge teaching how to properly pose your chicken and throw it. The girls wanted to leave by then so I didn’t watch the whole thing but the judge looked like Colonel Sanders in a white lab coat. There was a bantam rooster doing tricks for pieces of corn which was cute too.

I missed the whole inside of the other building because I thought it was just vending and egg judging. My husband said they were judging eggs and it was actually filled with all the prize winning best in show chickens. So next time I will go in there too. He was describing the egg judging and how she was cracking the eggs open and saying “oh that’s no good it looks old, a 7 on that one.” The lower the number the better the egg.

The group has two shows a year one in April so I will hopefully go to that one as well. My husband did question why they would have a show in October as that’s when most of our chickens moult and I am not sure.

Most of our chickens are moulting except for the two younger ones and so since it’s also darker now our egg count is like 2 a week I think. Since we have been letting them out of their pen since our garden is done they were hiding a nest but now I think are back on to laying in the coop.