Apple cider brewing notes

I made hard apple cider for the first time this year with a friend. We used local apples, purchased and stolen as well as a few from somewhere else in Washington.

The first batch was too watery and used a dry wine yeast for mead, not sweet or apple tasting really, though if you mix it with juice it’s drinkable. The way I made this batch was by using the blender and apples and then trying to strain the apples through a cloth. It didn’t work because I didn’t have enough patience and then I found my juicer in the garage and I did a second bath.

The second batch was using the juicer and began with 8 gallons I thought of the apple juice through the juicer via 30 some pounds of apples. Added SN9 premium wine yeast for country wines, yeast nutrient, potassium metabisulfite and pectic enzyme. This sat for a month and then I added half a cup of sugar and put into the one-gallon carboys. It made only 3 gallons. I don’t know if it evaporated or not. Seems to be accurate and very high alcohol content in the cider this time.

These are the one-gallon glass carboys and you can see that the cider has left it’s sediment behind. When I rack or bottle or rebottle this into either another carboy or directly into bottles the sediment is left behind rather than put into bottles. I tasted a bit of this second batch and it’s way better and highly alcoholic!

I purchased a turkey baster to transfer it into bottles because my siphon hose thing that I use doesn’t always work unless there’s enough of a gravity difference from having the container high and then the bottle though.


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