My plans

I am still planning my small farm and have a calendar, rough business plan, inspiration, determination, but no land or money. I went out to another piece of land with a small trailer on it and if it includes a lot of the flat property leading up to it then it is almost perfect. The price is not perfect yet and also I have to figure out how to talk my husband into it when I have no income upfront. I actually did a sample budget and figured out that I can make enough with a small CSA, plants and chicken and eggs the first year to cover the mortgage every month but beyond that not too much.

I have applied for 30 part-time jobs and so far got one call on my cell phone. I need something very part-time because I can’t do this and be putting tons of hours into another job year-round. There is one job that is going to be “mine” this year but I am not sure how long I have to wait. The real estate market is still pretty bad so a lot of property is staying on the market for months or years anyway. The idea of Spring and getting the catalogs in the mail is making me anxious. This year I will still be able to do vegetables at the grower’s market with other small growers, sell eggs, sell chicken from my garage and plants. I can’t do everything here but I can still do quite a bit even though I really want my room to roam. šŸ™‚


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