Getting ready for Spring

This year I mean business with growing things! I don’t have land yet but I am going to grow our fruit, veggies and chickens for meat and eggs. I am making our own juices and alcohol too. There isn’t any reason that I can’t start small and then when I move to a piece of land I can take the knowledge I have and kick it up a notch. I sent out an e-mail to a few friends to see about the interest in chicken so I can make sure to have only the amount we can all use. No one has a big freezer though my parents have two regular size ones so we can only raise as many as we can all use and freeze. I cannot buy chicken from the regular grocery store without a lot of guilt about what went into that animal before it got to me and how it’s life was. Our raised beds are a good size for placing a chicken tractor (moveable pen) on top of and then it will get fertilized while the chickens are on it too. I haven’t constructed my tractor yet but I have a baby gate idea and also can get free wood nearby to construct one to fit over a raised bed.

I did our seed order from Territorial Seed and they arrived on Thursday. I set up a growing area near the sliding glass door so the seedlings will get real sun and also the grow lights that I set up. Willow had this storage shelf in her closet and I realized that she doesn’t need it because she has a dresser now. I think the lights were $17 each or so at Lowes and the seedling trays were together $8. I put the homemade hard cider and mead on the shelves so they aren’t in the kitchen on the counter taking up space. Some of the airlocks don’t fit under the counter and it was causing a problem for storing them. I will do a separate post on fermenting in summer vs. winter soon including information on different yeasts and temperatures.



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