Growing List

I don’t like planting tons of stuff from seed and starting it early but I have worked out a good system in past years for starting some indoors and then direct seeding a lot of the other plants.  I use Territorial Seed for the most part because I like them, they are local and the varieties are of course tested for the area and not in the Midwest somewhere. Tomato and pepper plants are grown from starts from the farm store usually and then potatoes are from seed potatoes planted in March.

Bright Lights Swiss Chard
Babylon Hybrid slicing cucumber
Miniature white novelty cucumber
Lemon cucumber
Carrots cumbre hybrid
Carrots nelson hybrid
Yaya Carrots
Canoe Peas – Canoe
Ching-Chiang Pac Choi – Ching-Chiang
Chioggia Beet Seeds
Coriander-Santo (Cilantro)
Cube of Butter Squash – Cube of Butter Squash Seeds
Dakota Peas
Fiesta Broccoli Seeds
Jade Bean – JadeLettuce Pot and patio blend
Lettuce salad bowl oak leaf
Mokum Carrots
Patio Star Squash
Purple Haze Carrots
Red Kuri Squash
Regatta Spinach
Royal Burgundy Bean
Speedy BeanTomato organic beaverlodge sliver ultra early
Thelma Sanders’ Sweet Potato Squash Seeds
Touchstone Gold Beet



and many more but haven’t done my herb seed order yet



peaches 2


Asian pear 1

bartlett pear 1

Persimmon 1

There are cherry trees nearby to harvest and then tons of apples everywhere for free in the fall.


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