When chickens attack

This is the culprit Mrs. Paulson. She is named after one of the teachers at Melody’s school. We name our hens every year after the teachers at school though this year I have no idea because I am planning to get 7 more hens and there’s only 4 teachers. She is a Gold Sexlink and is a year old in her prime egg laying really. She has attacked Willow twice now and I finally googled it to see if I could find anything out about why? She isn’t defending a nest because the nest had no eggs in it and was far enough away from where Willow was minding her own business.

The first time she attacked she kind of looked like she was trying to perch on her head. They like to fly a bit up on top of the tomato cages in the off season and so I thought she was just being stupid and thought Willow’s head was a good spot.

Yesterday she attacked her once and almost did a second time but I grabbed her by the tail feathers and lofted her around yelling “no” and threw her in the other direction.

The only thing I could find online was that roosters defend their hens but I don’t think of her as being the dominant lady in the pecking order though she is up there I guess. Right before she flew up and pecked Willow and scratched her on the face Willow was trying to push her away with a green plastic shovel. She is the most tame of all the chickens and I don’t want to get rid of her but hopefully I can put them all back in the pen and then we can be outside without worrying Willow will get attacked. Seems really silly to be scared of a chicken but she is right to be scared of her! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to why Mrs. P is doing this let me know. šŸ™‚


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