Things are getting bigger here, the chickens, the kids and the seedlings! I am happy so far with how the Cornish Cross are growing without having any major issues yet. They tend to have leg problems and they can’t walk far when they get a few weeks older and I am not really looking forward to that but so far so good. I also have a third laying hen chick named Betty II who is a barred rock. The Black Sexlink, Millie, that we got on Feb. 15 is so funny. She really likes people and has started hopping on your hand if you are near her and flying up to the top of the box to perch and look around. They do have their own personalities for sure.

Then I got six of the red cornish chickens that will be about 8 weeks for harvest or processing (however you want to call it). They are seemingly just like the cornish x but it does seem they are growing a tad bit smaller.

One day I would love to have a few roosters and more hens so we can have even more chicks. Hopefully that will happen in the next year.




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