The chickens

Probably the last post about the chickens for awhile. My blog is too heavy on the chicken posts and I am growing and brewing things too so I should do more of those posts.

The meat birds are all growing huge but they are finally outside partially. They have been on the raised bed in the baby gate several days but now it’s raining and cold and I can’t put them back out again. They all eat worms, kale and some weeds so I am pretty impressed with them. We got our last two chicks for the year, Annie the Ancona and Red Crystal the Speckled Sussex. I meant to get a Cuckoo Maran because I wanted the dark brown eggs but I made a mistake and got an Ancona instead. She is too cute and we really like her even if she will lay white eggs.




Cornish and Red Broiler

So far the Cornish Cross are 3 weeks and the Red Broilers are 2 weeks. Both are doing fine and getting big quite fast. The Cornish Cross I had thought would get big fast and not be able to walk but they still can. They also will eat kale and worms outside on the raised beds. I am raising them on pasture a.k.a. one of my raised beds with a baby gate on it. I took photos but I can’t get the photos off the camera yet. My daughter Melody tells people that the meat birds eat and eat and eat and then explode if we don’t eat them. That is a good way of looking at it and she sort of simplified version.