Spring is here finally

The wet weather in Spring has made it difficult for me to plant the peas and really everything that most years would be in the ground already. I also have 23 chickens roaming around that like to scratch and I am worried they will dig up the seeds after I plant them. I hope to process most of the meat birds this week and then put the rest back into their chicken area. The meat birds didn’t get their tractor after all but they got a little shanty shack to go in at night and to keep them dry too. It looked like a homeless camp but it worked out. If I do more meat birds I will build something else to move them when they get bigger. I let the younger three hens come out yesterday but they were attacked by one of the chickens and one of the meat chickens as well so I put them back in the bin in the garage for now. I was going to be gone for the day and couldn’t supervise them. They have been out before but in a larger space that wasn’t the regular chicken pen area so that might be why. I am supposed to trade the one that attacks for a black sexlink next weekend. I put a chicken trade post on Craigslist and found someone who will trade me.

The girls and the neighbors all wanted to spread the compost into the raised beds and also the neighbor boy weeded Melody’s flower garden too which was great. I think it was a good project for him because he needed to get out some extra energy and aggression.


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