Brewing at home

Though I have made wine and mead and cider at home and waited months even a year to drink it, I hadn’t made beer before. I don’t know why except for the fact that it’s a little different. So the foray into homebrewing was made last month when my brewing partner and I made an herbal beer and it turned out! Then we saved the yeast and are making a chocolate oatmeal stout right now.

If you have the bucket and siphon and carboy for making other things you just need a bottle capper and bottle caps and the ingredients of course. It is very temperature controlled so you need a thermometer and then a way to cool off your brew before adding the yeast. We had a really bad time with this until the last time when we put ice and cold water in the bathtub and then put the bucket in there to cool it down to 80 really quick.

There is a link to the oatmeal stout recipe we modified here. At the end of the boiling process of the hops we added 4 oz. of cacoa nibs.  It also says that you can add more chocolate like baking chocolate during the fermenting.




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