Touch the spindle

I had this fabulous idea to re-use my miniature schnauzer’s fur and spin it into yarn. I do not know how to knit or crochet but that was beside the point. I looked into mailing it off to someone to spin into yarn for me. It’s about $50 for and insanely small portion of yarn so I decided I would get the fiber blenders (which I thought would be the same as carders) and the drop spindle and do it myself.

Fast forward two months and I still have this box of hair that I have added to and tried spinning. It isn’t actually ready yet which is why I can’t get it to spin. You have to add wool to dog hair to make it stronger and then you have to comb it and card it correctly. This is starting to be a pain in my ass. So in the meantime I learned how to crochet and bought yarn at the store. I watched several drop spindle videos on how to do this and also watched a video about combing and carding wool and it made it clear.

You can make your own wool combs which look like nails in a piece of wood. So I am going to make those this weekend since I have recently gotten a new tetanus shot. 🙂 I am not giving up on my dog yarn just yet! I will post my next progress soon. The girls are so excited about this whole process whether I am using Odin’s fur or sheep or whatever they just love helping.



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