Backyard grower’s marketing

I was going back and forth about selling eggs, produce, and plants at a market this summer. The cost of the market fee is the main reason so I have to make sure that’s low enough to begin with. The other thing I have to consider is my return on the money I have to spend on the egg handler’s permit for Wa state. It’s $35 for the year which means I need to make enough profit selling at the market to clear that amount and some. I can sell my eggs from home which I do and have done and I don’t need a license at all. In Oregon you don’t need one but in Washington you do.

As I have been planting the garden seeds I have also planted some in mini plastic pots to also sell at the market. I am happy so far with how everything is growing and I have broccoli, peas, potatoes, green beans and purple bush beans coming up. I also have basil, marshmallow, oregano and Russian tarragon in pots growing and comfrey in the front yard and mint and rosemary and a few other things I can’t remember. I would like to have a mini fridge in the garage and sell produce and eggs from there and keep it open this summer.

The end of this month I start my nursing assistant classes and will then have a job. A job = money=farm!



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