Reusing grain and yeast while homebrewing

When making beer you are using grains, possibly hops and then yeast and you end up with a byproduct after it’s been boiled. You can either feed it to your chickens who love it or you can make bread or both! With the remnant grain from the last batch of beer I made a dark yummy bread that was enjoyed after the whole beermaking process was finished. The grains are also readily eaten by my meat birds (who got first dibs) and my laying hens.

You can compost the hops or you can also try to feed those to your chickens as well. I think we got rid of our hops this last time and it was the first time using hops. The byproduct of grain and oatmeal from our oatmeal stout makes a nice meal for animals.

Every time you make a batch of beer you need to add a tube of yeast which costs about $7 or so. The yeast in the bottom of the carboy can and should be reused. We are now saving the yeast and harvesting it to use again in other upcoming batches.  There is a little information about reusing your yeast here.

My meat birds ate a large portion of the leftover grains a couple of weeks ago and then I butchered them and cooked the chicken with salt, pepper, butter and herbs. You can add the extra beer you take out of your carboy for a hydrometer reading and instead of pitching it use it to baste your chicken. The whole process including the herbs in the beer came from the garden and then the grain went to the chickens and then the chickens got the herbs rubbed on them and the herbal beer to cook in and it’s all one big reusing tasty circle!


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