Big Daddy

Living on the edge for me is having a rooster. I have a really mean neighbor on one side and fabulous ones on all the other houses on our street. Of course

the chickens are on that side of the house the mean side. It is perfectly legal to have chickens and I think to have a rooster as well however we live in the city limits so you really shouldn’t have a rooster crowing. I have enjoyed watching Big Daddy grow up and he will reach sexual maturity at Summer Solstice. I am planning to keep him as long as I can in order to fertilize some eggs that we can hatch for more meat birds. Would it be better to buy meat chicks? Yes it would but we haven’t hatched eggs before and it’s something new and fun. 🙂

Big Daddy is the red broiler meat bird in the front, his friend dinner is in back of him but we won’t look too long at her. I actually don’t have personal attachments to any of the meat birds except Big Daddy and that is because I decided to keep him and he’s a novelty item really.




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