The garden weed control

We have raised beds that are great for growing weeds. This is the frustration that I have and why I didn’t plant things last year. I have the space and the time and the work ethic but I can’t stand the weeds everywhere and I haven’t mastered the art of weeding daily I guess. I know when I dig the weeds up then I stir up the other weed seeds in the soil which makes it worse. The meat chickens did a really good job of weeding where they were but they are not around to help and would eat the plants that I want to keep too. There are a couple of the raised beds that have more weeds than edible plants so I decided to put down weed barrier and then plant the plants. I plan to get more straw and mulch on top maybe this weekend. The straw that I put down between the beds on top of paper bags is doing pretty well in areas where I actually fully covered the ground. I am surprised I didn’t come up with this idea sooner but I am happy about it for now. The peas were already growing in rows so I just cut holes to accomodate them. The other raised beds I put the weed barrier down then cut holes before planting the green or yellow beans or tomatoes or pumpkins, etc.

A lot of my seedlings in the first round died due to lack of care and so I bought a lot of starter plants, direct seeded potatoes, carrots and peas and am content with things so far. I have a lot of great seedlings now outdoors including more peas, squash and cucumbers. If you didn’t start seedlings then go buy the plants I say! It’s still cheaper than buying the produce from the grocery store or farmer’s market.

We have to have broccoli and cucumbers no matter what and then my daughter reminded me that I didn’t get cauliflower. I didn’t know I was supposed to but I guess I missed that!


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