Our 15 more=29

I had previously to this meat bird run part 2, signed up to volunteer at a local farm as a chicken harvester. In exchange for each harvest I get two chickens. This means that along with the ones we are raising now we will also have an additional 16.

I learned a lot at the harvesting despite the fact that I have been doing my own at home. I am quite sketchy about the innard removal and now I am an expert or closer to it. I thought the gizzard was the chicken’s enlarged heart previously. There were different stations for the chicken processing and I preferred to do the first few rather than the last part whereas some people just prefer to be inside taking out the innards and making the chicken pretty before it goes on ice.

In honor of the first two chickens I brought home (so 18 instead) I used herbs from our garden and roasted it in butter, herbs and a little beer. It tasted divine and we had potatoes, gravy and stuffing and I made a peach struesel pie for dessert. I wanted to make it into something special instead of just sit down eat and then leave. I wanted the chicken to be honored a little bit really. The girls both ate quite a lot of the chicken and for the first time Willow ate chicken that wasn’t in nugget form or fried. 🙂

We moved the chicks to the bin outside and we now have 29 chickens. We got an egg yesterday but I don’t know who it’s from. The meat bird is close to 14 weeks so I suspect it’s her but it could be one of the other ones too that we got in March? I made a God’s eye yesterday and put a chive blossom and the egg on top and took a photo.




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