ImageSomehow we ended up with 31 chickens because we “needed” 2 for my oldest daughter to show at the fair and then we have 13 laying hens and 1 rooster plus the 15 meat birds which are Cornish Cross. 

Our rooster, Big Daddy, has been growing for a week now and no complaints from the neighbors yet. He is really a considerate fellow and waits till about 7 to crow. I know some people like the sound of a rooster crowing and it reminds them of their childhood or something but our neighbor is not going to be one of those people. We are allowed to have chickens and maybe even a rooster even though we live in the city but if she complains we will have to get rid of him.

I have some eggs that I cracked open and they looked like they might be fertile so I made a makeshift incubator with an ice chest and heating pad for now. I don’t know if it will work but I am going to try for a week and then candle the eggs to see what’s inside. We will sell or eat the chicks as they will be red broiler crossed with something else. If I Imagesee that the eggs are fertile I may try using the yogurt maker I have to incubate or buy one. None of the ladies are interested in sitting on the eggs right now. It figures when you need them to they won’t.

The smaller bantams have to be kept separate from the other chickens indeed because one got out and was pounced on my two of the leftover breeding meat birds. 😦

We started building a coop of sorts to get the chickens out of the garage. Right now they are all sleeping outside except for the meat birds who will be going out soon. I have to make some transfers of chickens and make another holding area for the littler ones.




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