Native plants

I went to a native plant talk and see yesterday at the area wildlife refuge. She was so inspiring and had great energy about her. We all left feeling inspired and re-dedicated to finding and using our native plants here to heal. We also had tea with Oregon grape, cedar and mint. I am able to use some of our cedar trees in the backyard for something edible! You aren’t actually supposed to use very much in the tea so don’t try it at home unless you use a small amount (1/4 cup per 6 cups of water maybe).

There are a lot of “weeds” in my raised beds and I am going to try to id them before weed wacking them so I can use them for something. I have been growing peas, tomatoes and other plants among the weeds for now because I can’t pull them without pulling up the plants I want to keep.

There is some more information about some of the native plants that were talked about here.

On the left is St. John’s wort just outside the plankhouse where the talk was given.

The other photo is Oregon grape which is an awesome plant to have even if the leaves are thorny. The neighbor across the street has one that’s between her property and the next on the street. I have made paint from the berries and harvested the bark once. It is a little harder to get the roots of this one but I think I can probably do it without disturbing the plant too much.



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