Potatoes, peas, blueberries, cherries!

This Spring we planted purple and red potatoes and I think there were some leftovers from last year’s yellow too. Despite the fact that these veggies are purple the girls wouldn’t eat them. 😦 Purple potatoes aren’t cheap either so I was disappointed that they wouldn’t eat them but I will!

We are still getting a lot of peas from the garden which is good because I felt like a failure in the garden again this year because I let the weeds take over too much and then had to leave them up until I harvest the plants in the mix.

From the cherry tree we harvested a large amount on Saturday. The neighbor doesn’t want them and so we pick them. If she was nice I would make her some cherry liquor as a thank you but she isn’t nice so I will make that for nice people instead.

The blueberries and raspberries are ripe now and we went to pick blueberries this morning. For the first time ever both girls actually had berries in their buckets at the end. We picked 10 pounds in about 40 minutes or less maybe 30 minutes. After we were done I thought of the idea that whoever has more in their bucket at the end gets a prize. That may make them pick instead of eat them all.

In previous years I have made blueberry jam or frozen them and used them in smoothies. This year I am freezing some and making the rest into blueberry pie filling. Last year I used all my pie fillings up and they are so great to have. I like to buy a frozen pie crust and then do a struesel topping for the top crust so I avoid having to make the crust really! The pie fillings also work well for cobblers to which I make a lot of.


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