Make mead or wine from leftover jam making

I have been making wine with some of the jam-making leftovers. After you fill all the jars and you have some syrup especially left in the pot you can use it to make a small batch of wine.

I guess what is more popular is using the leftover fruit from making wine to make a jam or salad dressing or syrup, etc. I don’t tend to have extra wine left either which is the most popular. You can make wine jams or sangria jam with the leftover wine. I might do that some time later but it’s not do-able right now.

So back to what I have been doing. When I have the leftovers from jam in the pot I pour in water and more sugar and mix till it’s dissolved. I then add more fruit via a blender and sieve straining. I then pour the wine into a one-gallon carboy and then wait till it’s about 70 degrees and then add yeast. To reuse things even further I am reusing the yeast from another blackberry strawberry mead by pouring about 1/4 cup into the “new” wine from the one that’s fermenting actively.

So here is my recipe that is fermenting away and hopefully will taste good in a few months.

Strawberry wine

Two cups of leftover jam

Two cups of crushed, pureed, strained strawberries

Water to fill the rest of the one-gallon carboy

Pack of wine or mead yeast or if you have a carboy actively fermenting pour about 1/4 cup from it into your “new” wine.

Two cups of sugar

Affix an airlock on top of the carboy and rack at about a month. Let it sit for about 2-3 more months before bottling.



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