Drying and fermenting

Since I have July off and part of August before I start my new job that I haven’t gotten, I have been preserving and drying and fermenting!

The honey ale didn’t turn out well at all or at least to my palate and I don’t know why. If I add a touch of honey or sugar to a pint of it then it tastes a little better.

I made lavender soda, kombucha, raspberry lemonade, cherry soda and am fermenting wine and mead still. Because mead takes longer than wine I have tried to not make any more mead but make wines instead with raspberries and blackberries. I am also going to use the pinot noir wine yeast to make the blackberry wine as I think it’s better than the other yeast I was using. What yeast was I using last year? I actually don’t know or remember. I didn’t start keeping records until recently.

I have dried a lot of comfrey and still have more I could dry. I use it in a healing salve that I make in the Winter and it keeps year-round and helps bug bites, scrapes and burns. Melody wants to dye the next batch purple so I think we can use lavender and some other purple something to color it.

We have a lot of mint and I usually just dry it for tea but this year I decided to make mint syrup. The recipe is from the River Cottage book of preserves. I can use it in mixed drinks, lemonade in club soda, or maybe in something chocolate? The first step is to lay it out for a little while and then put it in sugar and keep it in the sugar for a day or more before proceeding.

There are so many weeds in the garden and I have picked some to use for natural dyes so at least I grew something worthwhile amidst the veggies.

I went to my spinning group again (for wool not the bike) and since my spindle broke the lady I was sitting next to said I should contact the company I ordered it from and let them know. So I sent a nice e-mail and the woman from The Woolery sent me a message back saying either they will replace it or the company will replace it directly. So that’s good news! She said that it sounds like the wood was faulty for it to have split. Even though it was only $18 I was having fun with it and now am at a standstill and can’t spin yarn.


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