Persimmon and pear preview

Last fall was the first time we got persimmons off our tree. I think the grand total was about 5 fruit. This year I went out and looked and it seems we will have more like 50 this year so that’s exciting! We got the tree in 2005 I think at One Green World south of Portland. The thing that is kind of neat about persimmon is that they fruit closer to November-December and so it is something kind of cool to look at when we are getting our first frosts.

The Asian pear tree is loaded with fruit so much that one of the branches pretty much broke on it’s own. I made a syrup from the fruit and poured it into the fermenting apple cider I have going. The chickens ate the rest. There are several branches hanging way down and the chickens were starting to jump up and try to eat them (at least the smarter chickens). We had to prop up the main branch with a piece of fencing wood and the ladder. I don’t think you can even see all the Asian pears in the photo but you can tell the branches are  too heavy. 


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