My chicken failures…

I kept two of the red broilers which are similar to Freedom Rangers to breed for meat birds.  The rooster is doing his part. The chickens never got the memo however that they are supposed to sit on the eggs. At first I thought I had a taker and then no. I don’t have an incubator because they are about $60. Initially I was keeping exact records of how much money I was spending on the food and the chicks but then I just stopped because I am feeding 30 some chickens half of which have to be fed of course to lay eggs which I am not selling though I could.

I can’t advertise that I have chickens for sale on Craigslist as it’s illegal for me to sell them. It’s legal for me to raise them and butcher them here or take them and have them processed at a facility for $3.50 a bird but it’s illegal for me to sell them because I have to have a license as well. Things are really backward with food.

Walking down the street I hear the crow of the rooster in the distance. I think for a split second “who the hell has a rooster?” I know that person is me and I do enjoy hearing him but I hope I haven’t become the crazy chicken lady. Since Tuesday I will harvest the meat birds then we should be able to reclaim the backyard and plant a fall veggie garden even. I am starting to pick blackberries and apples too which I love. Free fruit! I am trying to find a variety of apples to use for cider so I get a good blend of different kinds.


2 thoughts on “My chicken failures…

  1. Well, that’s disappointing about your chickens. I’ve read that the meat type breeds have had a lot of their breeding instinct bred out of them. That’s why we’ve been sticking with dual purpose breeds. At least you’ll have a freezer full.

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