Chicken harvest and ways to use beer besides drink it

I got three pokes while picking blackberries which I think were worth it. There are a lot of blackberries in the field behind the house and there are some that are ready and some that aren’t ready yet. I usually do a second or final harvest and also pick hawthorn berries and collect oak gall from the trees for dye. You can also make oak gall ink but I don’t tend to use much of it so it’s a good mordant for getting dye to stick to your fabric or animal fibers you are dying.

Today I harvested four chickens and I really don’t want to do the rest because I have a bad set up outside, couldn’t get the other chickens out of my business and it’s hot. I would rather take them to have them processed but I don’t have anything to put them in to get them there. This is one of the laying hens inspecting what it is I might be going to do.

While getting propane for my harvesting and chicken food for the remaining ladies and gents, I found a whole new aisle at the farm store! They had meat grinders and sausage stuffers, freezer bags for ground meat, sausage casings and homebrew kits. I want to try and make some chicken sausage so I will buy a grinder when I have money in a few weeks. I have bought the chicken and apple sausage before and it’s really tasty. If I could recreate it then I bet it would be even better using my own chicken and the free neighbor’s apples. I am going to the chicken harvest at the farm I volunteer at on Friday so I will have two more chickens bringing my total to 4 in the freezer =sausage or ground chicken or just plain roasted chicken with herbs.

There are a lot of green tomatoes, shisandra berry, apples, pears and asian pears that will be ready soon too. Last summer I seemed really buy in August and I guess it’s because I am picking berries or freezing them, canning them, making jam, delivering eggs and asian pears to friends, making apple cider and likely 4 other things as well.

I added some of the honey ale to bread dough this past weekend and it turned out fabulous. This was the brew that I thought was really gross but turned out ok after aging for a couple weeks. Even if it had been bad you can still use it in baking and apparently, according to this article around the house and garden too!



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