Independence challenge

I haven’t done the Independence Days Challenge before but I thought I would try this week.

Plant something: I planted nothing but good idea! I have seeds I should plant them.

Harvest something:

Eggs 2 dozen?

Mint for iced mint water

4 chickens

3 pounds of blackberries from behind our house

Picked 8 pounds of peaches at U-pick for $1.25 a pound

Preserve something: Did two pints of blackberry syrup, 8 jars of sundae topping (peaches, pinneapple, banana liquor), 5 jars of peach salsa.

-Drying dill, mint, comfrey and shisandra berries.

Waste not: feeding things to the chickens especially the remaninig 9 meat birds, reusing juice containers and putting kombucha or ginger ale in them.Recycling wine bottles for mead and wine.

Want Not: The only stocking I have done is I get some extra pasta and sauce once a week at the grocery store in addition to the preserving I have done.

Eat the Food:

-eating eggs, Willow picks out her own eggs and is learning to crack them into the pan.

-blackberries we pick these and eat them as is, or Mommy has her’s in vodka

-food from farmer’s market: yellow squash, apples, red plums

-U-pick peaches

Build community food systems: What have you done to help other people have better food access or to make your local food system more resilient?

Build Community Food Systems:

-bartering with neighbors for babysitting the girls (=1 chicken and 1 dozen eggs)

-answered questions about pasture raised chicken from new harvesters at the farm I volunteer at. Showed them how to remove the head, legs and the oil gland.

And a new one: Skill up: Teaching myself and experimenting with natural dyes from the weeds around our house and in the yard.


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