Blackberry Bounty













Blackberry Picking

A wonderfull day is unfolding.
A child has gone blackberry picking.
Along a thorn freckled hillside,
these bursting fruits do reside.
Nary a cloud in the sky.
Only sunshine by and by.
Nature’s gladdest moment does shine,
All along that slope of mine.
A happy jaunt in his step,
For blackberry thoughts do pep
Later on after a culling’s done,
its off to home with berries won.

Ronald James de Langen

Picked a total of 10.5 pounds of blackberries this weekend north of here while on a little trip. One of the best parts besides the berries all being in one place for one big time of picking was that there were also rose hips mixed in with the blackberries.

Although I didn’t collect enough rose hips to do anything with I did get some so I was happy.

I made blackberry jelly, two more quarts of blackberry syrup, froze the ones to make wine with next week and froze extra. The rest are in the fridge.


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