Asian pears and plums and crab apples

I got free fruit from the neighbor’s apple tree and plum tree. I love free fruit, stealing fruit, borrowing fruit or just taking it because no one else wants it. I have a new juicer which is really nice and have been juicing apples lately with kale and cucumber.

We came home today after getting some apples and plums and then picked 12.5 pounds of Asian pears from our tree in the backyard. We are not even have way done and we have already gotten 26 pounds of fruit from this tree which is semi dwarf. I would like to think that it’s because it’s in the chicken run area that it has grown so prolifically but I am really not sure if it’s that or the weather or random luck. I wish all of our fruit trees matured in 2 years not 6. I want to plant a small orchard on my farm but it will be hard waiting till the trees are big enough to fruit well.

I harvested rose hips and shisandra berries and purchased some local crab apples. I want to make something with this combination soon.

I don’t know what to do with all the plums yet, but I saw a photo on Facebook of plums next to kombucha and since I have blackberry kombucha right now maybe the next could be the plum kombucha. 😉


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