Good eating season

I picked Asian pears and Bartlett pears until I was uncomfortable with the height. We have two trees but that is enough for apparently 75 pounds of fruit! They are both semi dwarf trees that are pruned but still they yield a lot of fruit especially this year.

I went to my bi-weekly chicken harvest volunteering and after eating such a fabulous lunch from the farm, took two chickens home and then stopped at another farm and feel like I am in food heaven this time of year. Blackberry or cherry soda, apple juice, chicken with herbs, potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, Asian pears, Bartlett pears, making local milk into ice cream. It’s so divine to enjoy the fruits, veggies and meat this time of year. I haven’t eaten cow (unless you count some ground beef in March) since I was 12. I am 37. I smelled the beef that was cooking and I knew I had to eat it! I thought it was pork when I looked at it and honestly I didn’t think twice before I ate some with bbq sauce on a bun with three different salads. I know the cow was raised on pasture and lived like a cow. It was delicious.

I have homemade juices, kombucha, soda, wines, meads, chicken, veggies, fruits and sometimes make bread and use our preserves. I try not to take forgranted all that we have. This is the time of year for good eating!


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