Still spinning

The girls went back to school yesterday and I went to spinning club alone! Well my littlest is in preschool for two days a week for a tiny bit but still =6 hours of free time till I get a job next week we hope.

They will tolerate going with me but once they realized there is a playground across the street they can’t wait to get over there instead.

I pretty much horrified the lady in charge with my dyed wool with particles of stuff in it. She can’t stand little pieces of stuff which I understand but I actually think it adds to the uniqueness and character. She would lose it if she saw the book that has instructions for using plastic bags and spinning them with or without fabric or wool to use!

So I am using the easiest spindle to start with the Turkish even though I like the other one better. I am trying to start off right and then get into my own thing once I get more consistent. I also have to wait until after I spin the yarn to dye it which is fine. I wasn’t sure what the correct order was but dyeing it first can make it felt more than you want so to keep it smooth and aerated (that’s not the right word just throwing that in). It is hard to spin white fiber for me since I really want to dye it funky colors but I will see how the spinning first thing goes. I likely will end up doing crazy stuff and spinning tinsel into my yarn soon so who knows.

The easiest fiber to start with is the merino wool super soft or alpaca. I have both of these and the alpaca reminds me of brushing your hair after it’s just dried and it is smooth and conditioned.


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