Elderberry Blackberry Wine


I have started to transfer recipes from my notebook to the computer which is a good thing in case of a flood or more likely I lose the notebook. I keep track of what I make and the date so I remember what to do to it when.

I had some dried elderberries and a lot of blackberries so I made up a recipe! You don’t have to use the cherry syrup but I had some in a jar on the counter and I added it in for fun.


Elderberry Blackberry Wine

Makes 1 gallon

1/2 cup dried elderberries

2 cups blackberry puree

4 cups sugar

1/2 cup cherry syrup (optional)

4 tbsp. of actively fermenting blackberry wine (used one that had pinot noir yeast used to start) or pinot noir yeast a pinch.

Water to fill

Soak the dried elderberries in water for an hour or more and then add blackberry puree to it and sugar. Mix well on medium heat but don’t boil. Add the cherry syrup or substitute 1/2 cup sugar and a few blackberries.

Add mixture to the one-gallon carboy and let sit until about 72 degrees. Add the yeast (just a pinch of it since it’s made for up to 6 gallons not one) or the borrowed yeast to start the fermentation.

After about 10 days rack the wine and then let it sit for up to 4 months until fermentation is complete. Bottle, cork and age for 4 months.


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