Long range

Before the farm comes some change. The temporary quarters will likely be vacated and we will have to move into an apartment until we have the money for the farm and can move there. This is due to a life change which is difficult but I am keeping the big picture in mind.

This week in preparation to sell the house (whether we are here or not) I gave away our rooster and his girlfriend. I am not that attached to any of our chickens but these two would need to go together and my friend who says he will take them can’t take the rooster. So I put an ad on Craigslist and 10 minutes later got a call from a woman who came over to get the pair.

Just as I am putting the chickens in their backseat of their truck, not their truck bed, my oldest daughter walks into the driveway and loses it because I am giving them away to a good home and cried for a good hour afterward. We were both crying in the driveway but for different reasons. I don’t want to upset her and we will get another rooster when we move but for now it’s best he goes somewhere where he will be appreciated and not eaten. Which they said that they would even send photos of them and were happy to have them.

So that’s phase 1 of the changes happening. It’s actually cheaper to buy a house than it is to live in an apartment in many places so it will be temporary, hopefully 6 months and then we will arrive at our final home and farm.



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