After 8 years wanting to have a small farm I began making steps toward achieving it by rearranging my life. I had stayed home since 2003 with my two daughters while my husband had worked.

I slowly began to creep back into the idea of working. My degree in communications wasn’t getting me anywhere because I couldn’t work full-time or didn’t have recent experience despite my years working for two newspapers and freelance.

Instead I went to school to get certified as a nursing assistant so I would always be able to get a job. My first two jobs back to work were CNA positions which at times were difficult physically and emotionally. I did in-home care first and then worked at a facility with memory loss clients. I was paying hundreds for my portion of childcare and bringing home very little money in the end. It was really depressing and I ended up quitting. Things worked out when I got a job somewhat in my field doing data entry and then more writing and communications work. I got laid off and made little from unemployment.

After getting divorced I was living alone with my two daughters. They have known and been excited about moving for the past several months not just because of getting peacocks but to have baby chicks and space to run around and grow things.

When I thought I had to move into an apartment at first I gave away my rooster and his mate who were meat birds. When my 8-year-old saw me loading the two chickens in the back of someone’s truck she lost it and started crying in the driveway. I started crying too thinking I was doing something wrong even though I was giving them a new home and I knew in the future we would be able to have another rooster.

My daughter cried not for the actual rooster being given away but for what he represented. He represented new life and baby chicks. A couple of days later she was able to look forward to the time when we would have another rooster and baby chicks again.

Although the girls and I love our neighborhood and neighbors I began the process of getting them ready for moving so they wouldn’t be in shock. Now that it is past Spring (my original goal for moving) it seems like we are overdue. Technically Summer isn’t until June 21 but to a 4-year-old it is Summer now.


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