Things work as they should

choco raspberry The house sold in two days but then my loan literally took till today to not come through. However the good news is I can get a loan in 2.5 months and relist the house. I can’t plant anything anyways for this year so it doesn’t actually matter.

I am busy with working full-time stressing about lack of money and also doing some preserving and fermenting. The preserves I have done so far are cherry strawberry jam, chocolate raspberry jam and cherry pie filling. Blueberries are ripe now so I hope to go pick some tomorrow night after work as they are open till 8 p.m. I have some raspberry wine going (with some cherries thrown in) and I am keeping a very careful eye on it because I had a few failures last year. This year I am tasting and watching more and not having as many jugs fermenting as I did last year. I am doing a wild fermentation without yeast for the first wine but the next one I am going to use a pinot noir yeast because that worked really well when I used it before. The red wine was more of a red wine than a raspberry blackberry flavored wine.


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