ImageStill meandering through my land and future by narrowing down my options. I looked at a mobile home on 5 acres for too much money. I worked my budget again and my hours were reduced at work. So this leaves me with one of two options- apartment or buying land on contract and living in an rv while building the house. Since I have 5 chickens, two kids and a dog that barks I am looking into the latter. There are a lot of different options when buying land on contract including if there is power or water available. Most people get uncomfortable thinking oh no there’s no well or septic in. You can temporarily provide your own water from a creek if it’s on the property and drill a well later on. You can use propane instead of electric or a woodburning stove. There are toilets that don’t need water to work.

In the past I have worried about what other people will say but there comes a time when you need to follow your heart and take a leap.


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