ImagePreviously I had to have the divorce decree in order to get my loan on a house. I sped up the divorce and agreed to everything in order to be eligible to buy a house/land. It took 2 months to find out I didn’t qualify till September. The bank wanted me to have a job for 6 months of being at one job in order to be more secure.

Because I haven’t worked in 10 years I start at the bottom and have to work my way up the “pay scale” if I wanted to be competitive.  I need little money to be happy. I have simple needs and wants and my most basic is that my daughters and I are happy and healthy.

The idea of the farm has gone back and forth in my mind because I worry what other people think. I worry that I should just give the chickens away and get a different job and move into an apartment. Then I think of what I want for myself. What do I want? I want land and to have room for animals and to grow fruit and vegetables. All along my daughters have known that we will have a farm. It is the hope for our future and it represents more than just a parcel of a couple acres.

I am currently a month behind on the mortgage payments because I have little income. I am staying on top of things with not getting two or more months behind.

The house sold in two days before and I am hoping that it will sell fairly fast again. I want to be able to feel settled in my life and not be looking over my shoulder or stressed about finances.

With this timeline of land and house and farm are so many different variables. I have studied, interviewed and lived a lot of the options available. The most important thing to me is the land that I will build my future on. I do not want to settle for anything less than what I have envisioned.


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