Food Bank and Food Stamps

There are a lot of reasons people have for living more simply and being more self-sufficient. Sometimes it happens out of changed habits and other times is forced upon you whether you want it or not. One of the biggest budget items for many households is groceries. If you have ample room and resources to supply your own food needs it’s great. If you don’t then you might need extra help even if temporarily.

I am not preparing for an apocalypse or natural disasters or to supply every single thing my family needs. I suppose it’s a good idea but I am most concerned with the health of my loved ones and being self-sufficient in providing quite a bit of our needs ourselves. I don’t want to be tied to a full-time job in order to pay bills every month and have nothing left over and not enough time spent doing things I enjoy.

When I got divorced the income changed obviously but then decreased a little more after a few months after my hours went down a little bit at work. We receive food stamps which helps pay for most of our groceries and are also eligible to go to the food bank.

There are two food banks in our area. I can go to one twice a week and the other once a month. While it doesn’t supply everything we need it enables me to feel better about giving everyone enough to eat and I can pay my other bills since my grocery budget is tiny.

Our food banks get local produce that can be canned or dried or juiced, etc. which makes me happy since we are trying to sell the house and only planted tomatoes in pots this year. We also have three fruit trees plus the ones in the neighborhood.

I got laid off from my job a week and a half ago. This has meant my income has gone down again but I feel healthier and happier than ever.

I don’t want to work the system or sponge off anyone and hope that next year we can donate our extra produce to the food bank from our farm.  This will make a nice cycle of giving. I feel like support is given to those that need it and so I am going to accept help until I no longer need it.


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