Little Fork

House still has not sold and I can’t afford the mortgage. In order to qualify for assistance I have to get the loan modified and unlist the house for awhile.

I had to rescind my offer on the 5 acres for my farm today. I didn’t cry but I kept in mind everything happens for a reason. I will have time though not money to fix the house and chances are the land will not sell till I am ready again anyways.

I am very happy right now and content with my life despite not having money. I am planning to go to school in January for phlebotomy so I can make more money and will have it paid for which will be nice.

Another good thing is that there are things we need to do before we move like research solar panels and buy some more supplies. We can also attempt to save money to pay for the rv or bus we will stay in while the house is being built.
If we had to do that now we wouldn’t make it in an enclosed space through the winter without killing each other.


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