All that we have

Despite the fact that the house was definitely an easy sell when it was listed something prevented it from happening at least more than just the buyer losing his job and retracting the offer. I also got laid off from my job. I am so thankful that we were protected from making a wrong decision at the wrong time. I felt like when the house sale fell through the first time it was just letting us get more together and then relist it. It was in fact stopping us and delaying us from moving at all because here is where we are supposed to be for a while longer.

I got a CNA job and I got a lowered mortgage for this house so I can go forward and get my credit back on line and hopefully still move in June. If it takes a few months longer that is ok too. I am really looking forward to my job and going to school and getting back on track financially.

I love where I live and my neighbors but I don’t have enough space to have more chickens, pigs and sheep and of course the ever- symbolic peacock for Melody. Melody will get a peacock it is just that I think the beauty and the idea of a peacock or two may prove to be better than the reality of having actual peafowl. Willow wants another dog and I am planning to get somewhat of a farm dog as a puppy. Our miniature schnauzer Odin is 10 and is a very excellent guard dog too.

There are posts up and coming about canning and spinning wool as I finally got a spinning wheel as well as herbs and making more food items.


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