New Tinctures

I made tinctures 3 months ago which meant they were ready to be bottled and listed in my Etsy Shop. I buy, grow or forage for organic herbs for all of my tinctures. My goal is to grow all the plants I tincture when I move. I also test and use them and figure out which tinctu003res would be good to have. I usually put these in a cup of tea or alone depending on flavor. I have used my lavender tincture this week for headaches by massaging it into temples as well as a few drops on the tongue. I am working on some herb combinations right now for tinctures to alleviate common ailments.

In my shop I have red elderberry, astragalus, mugwort, meadowsweet, hawthorne berry, dandelion, rosehip, chamomile, calendula, love and am listing lavender this week.


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