Making Apple Chips

I saw a bag of apple chips that had pecans on them and they were $5 for a small bag. With a dehydrator I figured I could make them. And yes you can. They taste like apple pie too.

We have a lot of apples that I get from trees, the food bank or actually buy them. I have also been known to take apples but mostly from trees that are abandoned and conveniently on the sides of roads.

So I first peeled the apples and sliced them into rings like I do if I am going to dehydrate them plain.sliced apples

Next, you dip them in ground pecans or hazelnuts mixed with cinnamon and brown sugar. I mixed this in the food processor and didn’t measure it. I did use one bag of pecans. The mixture sticks to the wet apples.

Place them on the dehydrator trays and turn the dehydrator on. I didn’t time it but I think they went about 10 hours. You can check them during the process to see if they are crunchy or not. Once they are done stick them in ziploc bags and enjoy!

dip applesapple chips in


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