Mead step 2 and pears

I strained the blackberries and added a little more honey to the mead yesterday. I tasted it and it wasn’t quite sweet enough. I added another 1/2 cup or so of honey dissolved in some water in the microwave. I then strained the mead and then siphoned into two 1-gallon glass carboys with airlocks. They will stay in there for a couple of weeks now. Next up is making blackberry wine and then trying either apple cider or mandrake ale!

We harvested, well David harvested the rest of the Asian pears for a total of 37 pounds off one semi-dwarf tree. The other tree, which is a semi-dwarf Bartlett pear, we harvested 12 pounds from so far.

When canning the Asian pears you have to add acid because they are not a high acid food. You can add lemon juice or citric acid to them before canning to make them safe. I have citric acid from cheese making so I use that generally in canning. I have to so something with several pounds of the pears this week that will maybe not make it before we can eat them all.



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